Ohio Cracks Down On Drunk Drivers: The New Laws You

Ohio Cracks Down On Drunk Drivers: The New Laws You Need to Know
Ohio is cracking down on drunk drivers and the new laws are comprehensive, encompassing. Making the roads of Ohio safer is not something the state is taking lightly. With a focus on both preventative and punitive measures, it is clear the government is serious about curbing OHs intoxicated driving problem. Heres what you need to know about the new laws:

First, heightened police presence and more DUI/DWI checkpoints will target offenders. From increased traffic stops to more frequent breath tests and field sobriety tests, police will be extra vigilant. The objective is to catch and punish drunk drivers, but also to deter others from potentially making the same mistake and endangering the lives of other drivers.

Second, vehicles can be seized and engine immobilizers installed, thus restricting would-be drunk drivers from using their vehicles until they can prove they can responsibly operate them. Also, license suspensions, steep court fines, and hefty insurance increases are additional repercussions of drunken driving convictions.

Third, a new Driving Under Influence intervention program gives those with first time convictions special status in an effort to give them a second chance. Drivers join the program, called the Impaired Driver Diversion Program, upon conviction and receive comprehensive care including a chemical check up and counseling.

Fourth, for those who choose to drive drunk, the consequences will be grave. Ohio has stipulated that anyone convicted of drunk driving three times or more will now be labeled a felon and face jail time. Furthermore, any DUI related deaths result in a second degree murder charge.

Finally, the zero tolerance policy for under aged drinkers discourages kids from getting behind the wheel after theyve been drinking. Minors caught driving under the influence in Ohio now will face a license suspension for a full year. Also, if over 0.17% blood-alcohol concentration, require that a person use a vehicle-immobilizing Ignition Interlock Device for at least six months before their license can be reinstated.

It is of utmost importance that OH residents abide by these new DUI/DWI laws or face a grim realityendangering their lives and the lives of others.

The consequences of drinking and driving are very real, and the ramifications of these new laws are meant to leave no doubt as to the seriousness with which the state takes the issue. The Ohio State Patrol and municipal law enforcement take egregious offenses very seriously and so should everyone else.

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At any given time, a driver is assessed on the capacity to operate a vehicle safely. Any impairment, be it drugs or alcohol, make for a very dangerous combination of folks on the roads. If an individual is found to be unable to follow the rules of the road, they will face the consequences in accordance with the law.

In addition, Ohio has increased outreach and prevention programs aimed at informing the public about the dire consequences of drinking and driving. From safety courses to awareness campaigns, the state is no longer treating driving under the influence with kid gloves; rather they are making it crystal clear that impaired driving will come with a heavy price.

when caught, drivers will be subject to high penalties, fines, and lengthy license suspensions with potential jail time. This is in addition to painful insurance rate hikes, mandatory vehicle ignition interlock devices, and potential prison time for multiple offenders.

Are you willing to take the risk and be the one out of every three Ohio residents arrested for DUI? Studies show that the majority of those convicted of DUI, close to 95%, had no intention of breaking the law and that is why the state is dead serious about making sure everyone is aware of the new laws. The high consequences are meant to serve as a stop warning and jeopardize the behavior of potential unsafe drivers.

As a result, Ohio has passed a ‘Move Over’ law requiring drivers to steer at least one lane away from any emergency vehicles stopped on the road. This is to keep both drivers and first responders out of any potential harm’s way. It is generally accepted and expected that a driver will know and adhere to the law in order to be safe, both on the road and in the eyes of the court.

It is not a secret that the state of Ohio wants to reduce drunk driving, and with the comprehensive actions they are taking it is clear they are taking the matter very seriously indeed. If the roads in Ohio are to become safer, everyone must be aware of the potential consequences of impaired driving and the multiple steps being taken to eliminate drunk driving in the state. After all, the safety of both residents and visitors to Ohio, are of the highest importance.

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In an effort to increase safety and raise awareness, Ohio has implemented additional community support and civil organizations, with the goal of educating the public and enforcing stricter punishments to prevent future instances of driving under the influence. Along the same lines, Ohio has also initiated campaigns to inform the public of the dangers of drinking and driving.

To help spread the word, educational materials are regularly disseminated to public schools, universities, and other institutions. This type of liberal information gathering helps educate people on the risks of engaging in unsafe activities, such as impaired driving.

Moreover, state offices and government agencies have gone the extra mile to make sure those who choose the wrong path are punished to the full extent of the law. Those convicted of driving under the influence can receive serious fines, hefty license suspensions, costly insurance increases, mandatory participation in an impaired-driver diversion program, court orders to install an ignition interlock device, and even jail time for repeat offenders.

Knowing the risks and the consequences that come with intoxicated driving is one thing, but it is another thing entirely to make sure everyone is adhering to the law. To this end, Ohio has significantly increased police presence through more DUI/DWI checkpoints and increased traffic stops. The purpose is to not only cite and punish offenders, but also to deter others from potentially making the same mistake and putting the publics safety at risk.

Ohio is also addressing the problem of underage drinking by raising the legal drinking age to 21 and implementing stringent zero tolerance policies for minors who get behind the wheel after drinking. Along with mandatory license suspension for a full year, those caught driving with a blood-alcohol concentration over 0.17% will now be required to install a vehicle immobilizing Ignition Interlock Device for at least six months before they can get their license back.

Recognizing that, in the end, the safety of Ohios roads is paramount, the state has made sure that local and state law enforcement are empowered to take whatever measures necessary to get impaired drivers off the road. From increased traffic stops to more frequent breath tests and field sobriety tests, this results in added measures to protect the public.

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To that end, Ohio now provides assistance at the state and local levels in an effort to minimize impaired driving. The state has made efforts to support education and prevention campaigns, stressing the importance of responsible driving. Meanwhile, other organizations have looked to research and delivery of promising practices in order to help inform those who are dependent on alcohol so that they can avoid the risks and dangers associated with driving intoxicated.

Finally, Ohio has implemented additional community outreach and education efforts to get the message of safe driving out to the public. From car shows to movie screenings, there are countless ways that people can get involved and help reduce intoxicated driving. At the same time, the government and other organizations have committed to making sure that the citizens of Ohio have a voice when it comes to drunk driving prevention.

The implementation of these new laws serves as a reminder of the importance of being responsible when it comes to driving. The message is clear: Ohio is taking this issue seriously and, in the end, everyone needs to have an understanding that driving while impaired could cause serious, even deadly, consequences, not just to the driver but to all the parties involved.

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