what is the statute number for dui in ohio

what is the statute number for dui in ohio
According to the Ohio Statutes section 4511.19,driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs is a crime punishable by law. It is illegal for any person to drive, operate, be in physical control of any vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, a drug of abuse, or a combination of them. A conviction for a DUI charge in Ohio may result in hefty fines,differing jail terms, drivers license suspension and revocation of vehicle registration. This can be emotionally traumatizing and can make life quite difficult.

It is no surprise that DUI arrests in Ohio are on a steady rise due to an increase in awareness and implementation of rules and regulations.If you are found guilty of a DUI, you will be fined a minimum of $375 and a maximum of $1075, depending on your number of prior convictions. The court then may sentence you to serve jail time of at least 3 days up to six months. You may also be asked to pay for supervised probation of six months or more. On a third DUI your license will be suspended for 6 months as well as pay fines up to $1075 in addition to a possible 12-month long jail term.

Having a DUI charge on your criminal record can be incredibly damaging to your career prospects and can even affect your vote in the election.The financial consequences may also have a lasting, crippling impact as you may have to pay for attorney fees and for towing or impound fees as well.Therefore, it is crucial that while driving, to do so with utmost responsibility.

Moreover, there are designated drive programs that offer rehabilitation in order to help you reduce the penalty for a DUI charge.You can fulfill the terms of the program voluntarily or as directed by the court, and if you succeed in completing the terms and conditions of the program, you may see reduction in or even have the charges dropped in some cases.

However, it is advised not to take a chance and bear in mind the Ohio DUI statute laws and regulations stated in the Ohio Statutes section 4511.19.Do not take unnecessary risks. Driving impaired in any form can be dangerous for someone on the road or for any pedestrian. Do not get behind the wheel when you are off your mental equilibrium. Trust your judgment and keep yourself and your surrounding safe.

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Furthermore,with the state-wide increase in DUI arrests,law enforcement has been extra vigilant, targeting intoxicated drivers through saturation of patrol cars, checkpoints and undercover undercover investigations to catch any impaired driver on the road.These law enforcers along with policymakers have devised a set of laws and regulations to counter this growing issue.

Police officers across the state have been equipped with Breathalyzers and other tools to detect the presence of drugs and alcohol in a persons system quickly and effectively. In case of a DUI charge, the police officers have the authority and right to confiscate and suspend the license of the offending party, as well as impose hefty fines.

On the other hand, various organizations have been spearheading campaigns to educate people and spread awareness about the consequences of drunken driving.These organizations urge drivers to make smart decisions while driving and avoid any risks that could end up in a DUI charge.It is recommended to be aware of the Ohio DUI statute number 4511.19, the maximum penalty and all the rehabilitation methods and other preventive measures that can be taken.Additionally, keep the emergency numbers handy at all times for any untoward event and the danger of a potential DUI charge.

Finally, take up the responsibility of being a responsible citizen and abide by the law. Ohios DUI statute is in place to ensure safety on the road and protect anyone who is a potential victim of an impaired driver. The fatal consequences of driving under influence of alcohol and drugs should not be taken lightly and should be avoided at any cost. Hence, understanding the implications of a DUI charge is necessary to make sure that people stay safe and obey the laws.

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